Event Services

Our event services cover everything from the planning to the execution of a successful event. What might from the outside look like hard labour is in reality much closer to magic. Coordinating people with not enough time and too little of a budget to create a fantastic experience: magic. Just don’t ask us where that thing went, which disappeared half-way through the show. It’s magic. Or lost in transit. No, definitely magic.

  • Communication with exhibition and event organizers
  • Negotiating conditions
  • Cost controlling
  • Preparing and reviewing contractor biddings
  • Providing the necessary staff to run shows
  • Involving authentic talents to represent the brand
  • Pre-selection of promoters and show acts
  • Creating show concepts
  • Creating event and exhibition booth designs
  • Staff management
  • Services include booth construction
  • Staging of brand and products
  • On-site video productions
  • Audio, video and projection show design
  • Production of advertising material
  • Provision of products to exhibition and event partner
  • Handling approval processes for necessary permissions
  • Creating security concepts
  • Risk assessment
  • Provision of 2D / 3D construction plans
  • Logistics and storage solutions
  • Creating gaming online and offline events
  • Handling approval processes and necessary permissions (e.g. publisher)
  • Realizing professional tournament administration
  • Creating new tournament formats
  • Establishing new tournament brands
  • Communicating with amateur and professional teams
  • Communicating with the gaming community / audience
  • Arranging media partners to provide coverage and broadcasts
  • Designing websites and landing pages around events
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