StormCraft Sets Out to Gather All Heroes of the Storm Fans

For Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm we have built a new international fan page that caters to the needs of the game’s burgeoning community. With our keen sense of what to look for in upcoming games, how to engage with their communities and our vast experience in the gaming industry, the concept for "StormCraft " was forged. It doesn't just offer classical tournament coverage, articles, livestreams, player interviews and match tickers, but also delivers unique features that enable the community to totally immerse themselves in the game universe. For the project lead we have committed the prominent commentator Thomas “Khaldor” Kilian, who himself emerged from the Freaks 4U Gaming talent pool.

To ensure that new players don't struggle to get into the game, we created the StormCraft "Player Search" function. This tool aims to connect players of similar skill levels, who also have complimentary class preferences, by their Battle.Net-IDs. Diehard followers of the scene also get a devoted "betting center" on StormCraft.

The peak of this innovative mountain of features is the website-based "Draft Tool", which we developed ourselves. This dedicated tool enables teams to start a pick and ban phase before the actual match commences – a service Blizzard does not yet offer. The StormCraft Draft Tool has already become an essential part of Heroes of the Storm tournaments hosted by the Electronic Sports League.
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