MyStarCraft Relaunch now prettier than ever

Six years are a long time and as with every long-lasting relationship there comes the time when you ask yourself how your love interest could turn from the once beautiful butterfly to the butt ugly runt that is standing before you. It certainly has come to this with MyStarCraft and it speaks for our fans that they’ve remained with us for all those years, so now it’s our turn to repay the favour.

We got down to the drawing board and came up with the prettiest page design we could dream up. We also reworked many of the existing functionalities and added a whole bunch of new stuff as well. So whenever you feel the urge to watch some streams, to read some news or to place one of the over 80,000 bets we receive each month, the cure is now only a single, beautiful mouse click away. Until we get fat and lazy again.

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