joinDOTA and MLG build largest Dota 2 league worldwide

Since recently it went public that the team around joinDOTA was chosen as an exclusive host for the ESL One Qualifiers in Frankfurt, 2015, we are now proud to announce that MLG and joinDOTA are going to realize the biggest Dota 2 league worldwide.

Competitive Dota 2 reaches a new level

Within the different regions of joinDOTA League (Europa, America and Asia) top teams from all over the world will be given the opportunity to qualify for a final, offline-held seasonal tournament. The winners will not only be rewarded with price money, but also automatically qualify for the world championship tournament that will take place after 3 consecutive seasonal finals. By cooperating with MLG joinDOTA becomes the host of the biggest active Dota 2 league worldwide with a guaranteed prize money pool of $475,000!

Furthermore the teams who reached Division 1 in jDL last season will be able to claim their spot in the seasonal finals. Besides that joinDOTA and MLG will invite international top teams from all over the world to participate in Division 1. Also the well-known MLG Pro Points, which track performance and activity of competitive gamers, will be included into the jDL system.

With these arrangements joinDOTA is providing a unique experience for all Dota 2 fans and players around the globe.
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