Gamescom 2014 – Mission Accomplished

This year’s gamescom has come to an end and apart from having tons of great meetings planning future projects with both existing and potential customers; our whole team was on site delivering quality to clients and convention-goers alike! As the master of many trades, we provide a wide range of solutions and services, supporting clients who engage with every level of the gaming industry. This is why our role at gamescom 2014 was an exciting and fulfilling rollercoaster ride with many “woohoos” to be heard from all involved.

Freaks 4U Gaming at gamescom 2014 was:

Business Lounge Administrator – In the lead up to gamescom 2014 we made sure that all our clients were provided with the very best meeting spaces on offer. However our job was not over once the event began, our role thereafter was to face all challenges they might encounter in their stead: Razer, SteelSeries, EpicGear, Dailymotion and ESL.

Talent Agency – We’ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeves and often the most well-known and most valuable of these tricks, are our moderators. This year we provided moderators for: BenQ, Blizzard, Greybox, Red Bull, Square Enix, Dr. Pepper and DROP ZONE

Coverage Team – One of the most effective ways to interact with a community at an event is to dispatch a like-minded emissary – The Community Manager. To assist ZOTAC, BenQ, AOC and Philips on the ground, our community managers rolled out to create and disseminate the best. coverage. ever.

Media Crew –The video and photo crew’s experience endows them with the uncanny ability to know just where to look to find the best shots, imbuing all their videos and pictures with that ‘gaming feeling’. They joined forces with our coverage team to supplement the provision of gaming content for our clients. Meet & Greet Organizer – Our YouTube talents, Hand of Blood, Perrick and Maxim, organized a fan gathering at gamescom 2014. The grandchildren of those in attendance shall tell tales of the many signatures and handshakes that were given out to the masses…

PR Representatives – It’s good to talk; especially if you have important things to talk about. Our PR specialists were at the event on behalf of our customers EpicGear and SteelSeries to meet the press and present their latest gaming products.

We’d like to thank all our partners at gamescom 2014, it was a blast! As always, as one gamescom ends, another begins, so let the planning commence!

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