Freaks 4U Gaming sets new viewer records for German live broadcasts in League of Legends

The League of Legends World Championship Season 4 ended just last weekend, however the magical veil that shrouds our minds and softens our disbelief at breaking a record – again – lingers on.

Over the past four weeks our famous caster duo, Maxim “LRSB” Markow and Patrick “Perrick” Reinholz, produced the live broadcasts of the thrilling matches between the world’s top tier League of Legends teams and were on air from an ungodly hour throughout, especially from a gamer’s point of view. Despite the rather rough schedule for the European time zone we were rewarded with record-breaking viewing figures on our stream. Over the entire course of the tournament the stream was visited more than 2.5 million times, from which around 300,000 video plays were recorded solely on the day of the finals. On the same day almost 130,000 people followed our show on Twitch. With the support of the German League of Legends scene we even broke another record and reached more than 18,500 concurrent viewers. These are the largest figures that have ever been recorded for a German League of Legends stream. In September, Maxim peaked at 10,000 concurrent viewers, which was already an internal record for our company.

The production took place in our studio that recently received an update to become a cozy, living room setting. Top-class guests included the LCS professional Kevin “Kev1n“ Rubiszewski from Team Millenium, Patrick “Saitain“ Lehm from Playing Ducks, as well as Patrick “Mountain” Dasberg from the current German champions n!faculty. These special guests helped analyze the matches and, together with crowd favorite YouTube Star, Max “HandOfBlood” Knabe, led the audience on a journey through the League of Legends World Championships.
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