Cebit 2013

The curtain is down, the visitors are gone, the Cebit 2013 is over

During the last couple of days roughly 300,000 visitors wandered through the exhibition halls of the Cebit and marvelled at the advances of modern day science. That’s also roughly 300,000 people who watched our very own Salome ‘Soe’ Gschwind-Penski and Maurice ‘Mori’ Lange host this year’s BenQ Stage Show - during which they also revealed the new BenQ XL2720T - as well as numerous side events of the raffle and shootout-type. The crowd was wild, the atmosphere was electrifying and good times were had by everyone.

BenQ was also the main sponsor of the Intel Extreme Master Hannover and we were there to get everything on tape. Head over to to marvel at the fruits of our work.

All in all it were some busy weeks, but we hope you enjoyed everything we put together and maybe we see each other again at the next year’s Cebit!

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