HotS Launch Event for Blizzard

The swarm has landed

It’s done. Way more than ten people have gathered to watch our Germany-exclusive live stream with Maurice 'Mori' Lange and even more have tuned in to see Salome ‘Soe’ Gwschwind-Penski (next to some other people) celebrate the countdown to the release of StarCraft II’s first expansion: Heart of the Swarm! And what a night it was: show matches between Stephano and Grubby, White-Ra and Lucifron, interviews with David Kim, Blizzard’s expert on all things balance, the King of the Beta was crowned and nerds from all over the world burst out in tears of joy to welcome our new overlords. Happy laddering to everyone who got their copy already and we hope you were content with our coverage of the release, because we might just do it again for the next expansion!

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