For geeks and gamers, a new show format — Haus2

Next week our new, professionally produced show will launch — Haus2 (English: House2). A diverse format, the German-language program centers around such topics as video games, esports, movies, music, DIY, smartphones, and more. Beginning June 26, the show can be seen live on Twitch from Tuesday to Thursday, with the previous week’s episodes being rerun every Monday. The dedicated channel can be found using the following URL:

Being both flatmates and hosts at the same time, Nico Wendt, Niklas Hennings, Sebastian Flotho, and Christopher Behr will be on camera at least 4 hours per show. Haus2 also profits from the expertise of our studio team, who have been producing the ran eSports show since last year and is also currently making a name for itself with BAAL, airing live on Twitch.

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